Luma Vietnam Pass Coverage

Does the policy cover only COVID-19 or other illnesses as well?

The policy covers medical expenses for sudden and unforeseeable injuries from accident and sickness (including COVID-19 in Vietnam) during the travel to Vietnam.

Do these travel insurance plans have direct billing to the hospitals?

There is no direct billing in respect of medical expenses provided under this Policy unless the expenses are expected to exceed 1,000 USD and that the arrangement is coordinated by the Company or its designated assistance company.

What are the exclusions?
  • – Pre-existing Illness or Injury, congenital conditions or birth defects.
  • – The following Disabilities whether occurring prior to or during the Period of Insurance: hemorrhoids, hernia, diseased tonsils requiring surgery, pathological abnormalities of nasal septum or turbinate, hyperthyroidism, cataracts, sinus conditions requiring surgery, endometriosis, tuberculosis, anal fistulae, cholecystitis, calculi of all kinds, urethra or bladder abnormalities or disease, gastric or duodenal ulcer, hallux valgus, all forms of tumors or cancer, malignancies, disorders of blood or bone marrow, diabetes mellitus and HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and HIV related illness including AIDS (Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome) and AIDS related conditions.
  • – War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operations (whether war be declared or not), civil war, military rising, insurrection, rebellion, revolution, military or usurped power, martial law, mutiny or riot or civil commotion assuming the proportions of or amounting to a popular rising.
  • – Acts of terrorism or action taken in controlling, preventing, suppressing or in any way relating to any act of terrorism, regardless of any other cause or event contributing concurrently or in any other sequence of the loss. An act of terrorism means an act – whether involving violence or the use of force or not – or the threat or the preparation thereof, of any person or group(s) of persons – whether acting alone or on behalf of or in connection with any organization(s) or government(s) – which appears to be intended to intimidate or influence a de jure or de facto government or the public or a section of the public, or disrupt any segment of the economy and from its nature or context is done in connection with political, social, religious, ideological or similar causes or objectives.
  • – Suicide, attempted suicide or intentional self-inflicted bodily injuries, psychiatric and mental disorders, insanity, abortion, miscarriage, child birth, venereal disease, the use of alcohol, drugs or solvents other than those prescribed by a qualified registered physician; dental treatment unless resulting from accidental bodily injury to sound and natural teeth.
  • – Nuclear fission, nuclear fusion or radioactive contamination.
  • – Accidents whilst engaging in (including any practice or conditioning program for) any sports or games in a professional capacity or organized contact sports, racing (other than on foot), motor rallies and competitions, rock or mountain climbing normally involving the use of ropes or other equipment, potholing, skydiving, hang gliding, parachuting, hunting on horseback, entering/ descending or flying in any aircraft other than a properly licensed aircraft operated by a recognized airline in which the Insured Person is traveling as a fare-paying passenger, engaging in any kind of manual labor work either in business or leisure, or engaging in hazardous works including but not limited to offshore activities, commercial diving, oil well drilling, mining, handling of explosive, construction site working, stunt works and aerial photography.
  • – Trekking at an altitude limit greater than 5,000 meters above sea level or scuba diving to a depth greater than 20 meters below sea level.
  • – Losses which are indirect and consequential in nature.
My travel plans changed, can I change the dates on the policy?

If you would like to change the start and end dates of your Luma Vietnam Pass policy, please contact our teams. 

Please note: the former plan duration and the new revised plan duration should remain within the same range. If not, we invite you to cancel the existing policy and purchase a new one with the correct dates.

Can I change details on my Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

If you have purchased your policy but have not travelled to Vietnam yet you can make a request to change details on the Certificate of Insurance (COI).

Please contact our teams to do so.


Can you please confirm the certificate is accepted by Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate?

Yes. We guarantee the acceptance of the insurance certificate by Vietnamese embassies and consulates. If your certificate is rejected, please contact us and we’ll help resolve the issue.  


What does “Beneficiary” mean?

A beneficiary is the person or entity you name in an insurance policy to receive the death benefit (example: wife, husband, father, mother, son or daughter).

Can children apply for Luma Vietnam Pass?

Children aged at least 4 weeks are eligible to apply for Luma Vietnam Pass.

Children under the age of 7 years must be accompanied by an adult who is also insured under the same Policy.


To submit a claim, please follow the link below. Please follow all instructions and submit all information and documents as indicated in the claims form.

In case of emergency, who can I contact?

You can call Luma at +6624943600. 

What is the deadline to submit a claim under Luma Vietnam Pass?

Luma Vietnam Pass policy holders have up to 30 days after the expiry of their policy, to submit their claims. To claim under the “Personal Liability” section of the policy, the claims must be given within 15 days after the incident.  

Can the claim reimbursement be paid into a local account in Vietnam or also paid into the client’s account in their home country?

Both. Please inform on the below when sending the claim:
1. Account Holder Name :
2. Account Number :
3. Insured Address :
4. Telephone :
5. Bank Name and Branch:
6. Bank address :
7. SWIFT Code :
8. IBAN Code/ Routing Number (IBAN Code for European zone / Routing Number for American zone):
9. Currency :

Modify Certificate of Insurance (COI)

To change of any of the following:

Modify Certificate of Insurance

How much is it to change details on my Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

For travelers who have purchased a policy with Luma Vietnam Pass and who have not travelled to Vietnam yet; changes on the Certificate of Insurance (COI) are free of charge. 

Request Cancellation and Refund

For travelers who have purchased a policy with Luma Vietnam Pass and who have not travelled to Vietnam yet; you can request to cancel your policy and ask for a refund. 

Please also note: the cancellation must be based on a reasonable reason, prior to the start date of the policy. 

Cancel your Luma Vietnam Pass and request a refund